Personal/leisure editing work.

JACKIE (2017)

This is my fan-cut trailer to Pablo Larraín's 2016 film Jackie. I learned that trailer editing is deceptively easy. A tricky experience but I like how this turned out (aside from the fact that this would be Red-Band). Anyways, Mark Woollen, if you're reading this, hmu sometime.



Title inspired, of course, by Jafar Panahi. An aggressively against-the-grain take on film reels nowadays. A visual resume of sorts. I may or may not have developed a deviated septum, trying to create this. 


Raðljóst (2017) 

A commentary on trends in contemporary filmmaking, cut together using stock footage. In a world where we are constantly under the scrutiny of the system, "Raðljóst" reminds us that oftentimes, we just need enough light to find our way. Life does, after all, imitate art. Herner Werzog called our film "exemplary," while BuzzFeed did not feature us in "10 Most Eyebrow-Raising Corners of the Internet." Don't forget to like "Raðljóst" on Facebook.



An edit for Adobe's Make the Cut competition, a music video for Imagine Dragon's song "Believer." All footage supplied through Adobe: ( Motion graphics by the mighty talented Jay Castro