A selection of my work as an Editor. 

PRETEXT (2018)

Written/Directed by Minhal Baig
Producers: Elizabeth B. Bates, Halee Bernard

A young woman confronts her sexual assailant. Featured on Booooooom,  Short of the Week and Directors Notes.


GONG JU (2019)

Written/Directed by Jerome Yoo
Producers: Ingo Lou, Lawrence Le Lam, Philip Planta, Zlatina Pacheva

After a violent incident goes viral, Korean high school bully Gong Ju is sent abroad to attend school in Canada, in hopes she changes her violent ways.



Directed by Martina Monro
Written by Martina Monro, Dacen McAmmond, Emily Carlstrom
Producers: Sandeep Gill, Emily Carlstrom, Martina Monro

On the day of her best friend's surprise birthday party, Valerie must publicly confess her love for Ava or lose her forever. (coming soon)




Co-Directed/Co-Produced by Brian Nolin, Ian Nsenga
Written by Brian Nolin

After his sister dies during an abortion, Blair kidnaps her husband, the doctor, and a judge to decide who's responsible for this family tragedy: the husband who pressured her into it, or the doctor who went through with it. (coming soon)



CYPHER (2017)

Directed by Lawrence Le Lam
Written by Jerome Yoo, Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Lawrence Le Lam, Jacques "Copasetic" Bourassa
Producers: Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Ingo Lou

Tensions still linger in 1997 LA between the Korean-American and the Black communities after the ‘92 Riots. After an incident in his father’s restaurant, Jay, a Korean-American high school student finds himself pulled into LA’s underground hip hop scene where the two worlds collide.

Awards and Nominations: Vancouver Short Film Festival: Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Alex Barima), Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design

Screenings: Edmonton International Film Festival 2017 | Whistler Film Festival 2017 | Port Moody Film Festival 2018 | Maple Ridge Festival 2018



Written/Directed by Minhal Baig
Producers: Halee Bernard, Jane Hollon

A documentary filmmaker investigates the troubling suicide of a teenager. Featured on Nowness,  Short of the WeekBooooooom and Director's Notes.



Written/Directed/Produced by Nicole Dextras

A dystopian tale of a wild fire survivor who lives in an abandoned orchard. She makes an herb filled respirator mask to cope her smoke filled environment when scavenging for food. Loosely based on the Greek myth of Persephone who is victimized by Hades, she instead uses her creative skills to make her own clothes out of fruit material while she waits for others of her species to visit her.

Screenings: Rendez-Vous French Film Festival 2017 | Winterruption Festival 2017 | Society for Photographic Education Media Festival 2017 | Blow Up International Arthouse Film Festival (Chicago) | Vancouver International Women in Film + Television Festival 2018